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Originally Posted on July 6th, 2019 by BRIAN HAYTCHER

NORTH KINGSVILLE — Work is continuing on the Risberg Pipeline, as it moves deeper into Ohio.

The Risberg Pipeline, first announced in 2017, connects an existing pipeline in Meadville, Pennsylvania to North Kingsville, passing through Conneaut and Kingsville Township in the process.

The pipeline is expected to cost $86 million, and consists of 28 miles of new pipeline, according to the pipeline’s website. The pipeline is being built by RH energytrans.

Crews are working in various locations, including some still in Pennsylvania, where a section of the pipeline required new permits to be built, RH energytrans spokesperson Dennis Holbrook said. The work won’t be delayed because of the change. In Ohio, crews have been boring under Conneaut Creek.

“If they haven’t (finished boring yet), they’re close,” Holbrook said. There are still a number of smaller bores to complete, including one under a pond, Holbrook added.

“We’re still looking to finish it up in the latter part of summer, and be in service shortly there after,” Holbrook said.

The project started construction this spring, and was slowed by inclement weather.

“The weather’s getting a little more cooperative,” Holbrook said.

Area officials have praised the project.

“It’s a long time coming,” Conneaut City Council President Debbie Newcomb said in March. “We’ve been looking forward to this.”

The city of Conneaut has arranged to place three taps on the pipeline, to accommodate potential future growth.

“If you want to have business and industry, you have to have access to natural gas,” Conneaut City Manager Jim Hockaday said in June. “Ashtabula County has had insufficient natural gas for 50 years, so this is a huge step in the right direction.”

The pipeline will end in North Kingsville, near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 193.

“Weather permitting, we’re feeling reasonably comfortable that we’re going to stick to our plan to be in service in the latter part of the summer,” Holbrook said.

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