RH energytrans, LLC (“RH”) is the holder of a Natural Gas Act certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing it to construct, own, operate and maintain an interstate natural gas pipeline known as the Risberg Line traversing Crawford and Erie Counties in Pennsylvania and Ashtabula County, Ohio. On November 9, 2022, Stacie Grove of NewEarth Ecological, subcontractor to Tetra Tech, performed a restoration inspection of the RH energytrans, LLC, Risberg Line Project, under contract to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The corresponding inspection report was filed on the docket December 1, 2022. A Project-wide problem area notice was issued because temporary Erosion Control Devises (“ECDs”) and other construction debris were not promptly removed from the ROW. A follow-up letter from RH addressing the problem areas detailed in the report was requested as part of the filing. RH provides the following response to item raised in the report.

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