Access to Plentiful Resources

The introduction of additional, much needed, natural gas to the area will allow for reliable, domestically produced energy for industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

New Job Opportunities

A project being built by local companies, using regional contractors, to secure and attract world-scale employers.

Job creation for a project like this takes many forms. Our engineers and designers, based in Erie, Pennsylvania, are already at work on the project. We are working with talented contractors to conduct our environmental, permitting, and other planning tasks. As construction gets underway, many jobs will be needed in the field. This activity, and the associated wages, spurs additional spending and support of the local economy. Once the project is operational, natural gas will flow to energy users that will then be able to expand and hire from our local workforce.

Increased Tax Revenue

More economic activity yields more revenue for our government’s needs

During its construction and operation in Pennsylvania and Ohio, this project will create additional tax revenue for local, state, and federal governments. These will take the form of sales taxes, income taxes, wage taxes, and property taxes.

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