In recent informal communications, representatives of the Commission’s Office of Energy Projects have asked RH energytrans, LLC (“RH”) to commit in writing to undertake certain activities during restoration of the remainder of its pipeline route. RH responds here with its commitment to take the specific steps which FERC Staff has identified.

The Commission granted RH a certificate of public convenience and necessity on December 7, 2018 authorizing RH to construct, own and operate the Risberg Line, a new interstate natural gas pipeline system extending from northwestern Pennsylvania to northeastern Ohio.1 On October 14, 2020, RH filed a “Description of Factors Affecting Pipeline Restoration” in the captioned proceeding in which it discussed certain factors that have affected its progress with respect to restoration of the Risberg Line pipeline route. In that document RH also described its plans to address restoration along the remainder of the pipeline route by the onset of winter in late 2020.

As FERC Staff has suggested, RH commits to file weekly status reports with updates on RH’s restoration progress, instead of the biweekly status reports required by the Certificate Order, effective immediately. RH will provide such weekly reports for the remainder of the period during which it is undertaking restoration activities on the pipeline route.

You may view the full document for this filing HERE.