On December 7, 2018, the Commission issued an order granting RH energytrans, LLC (RH) a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct the Risberg Line Project (Project), which consists of the conversion of 31.6 miles of existing 8-inch and 12-inch natural gas gathering pipeline to transmission service, construction of 28.3 miles of new 12-inch pipeline, conversion of the existing Countyline Compressor station from gathering to transmission service, and construction of a new compressor station at Meadville, PA. The Commission’s order required RH to construct and make the Project facilities available for service within two years of the date of the order, or December 7, 2020.

RH has been granted an extension of time until and including December 7, 2022. This action is taken pursuant to authority delegated by the Commission in 18 CFR 375.308(w)(4).

You may view the document for this issuance HERE